Friday, October 5, 2012

Possum Tale - Lucienne Noontil

When Mum possum decrees the family home is getting too squishy and that it’s time for Rusty to go and find a room of his own, his quest for alternative accommodation turns out to be fraught with some unexpected surprises. When you’re only a little ringtail, and you’ve set out by yourself for the first time, all your worldly belongings in your backpack, the world can be a scary place. Especially when the home you find turns out to be occupied by something much bigger and fiercer than you. When Rusty’s search for somewhere to live ends up being a tougher venture than he thought, with frightening encounters and some cold, lonely nights, poor Rusty is nearly ready to give up. But that’s just when his luck changes.
Possum Tale is a story about vulnerability, adventure, persistence and hope. Lucienne has cleverly provided the subtext of the story through the pen and ink and watercolour illustrations, delightful and sure to appeal to both children and adults. Rusty, depicted on the front cover, sporting blue backpack and clinging apprehensively to a gumtree branch, is an irresistible hook. With its rhyming verse and eye-catching art work, this is a book that any child will want to return to time and again.
Avant Press 2009

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