Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Monkey Red Monkey Blue - Nicki Greenberg

It’s night time, but Monkey Blue and Monkey Red don’t want to go to bed. They’d rather stay up. But what to do? That fiendish Chameleon has an idea. A midnight feast! Imagine what happens when two monkeys and a mischievous chameleon rampage through the pantry. Let the mayhem begin.
Nicki Greenberg has produced a rambunctious read for babies and toddlers, full of rhythm, rhyme, alliteration, onomatopoeia and colour. The story is a delightful celebration of unbridled chaos in the kitchen. The text is simple and spare and works well with the bold illustrations – a mix of Greenberg’s trademark impish characters and a collage of photographic images of food. It’s easy to see Greenberg’s proclivity for the comic strip by the way the story unfolds in a seamless combination of text and image.
Youngsters will have fun spotting the chameleon on each page. A thoroughly entertaining read. Recommended.
Allen & Unwin 2010
(A version of this review appears in Magpies Vol 25, Issue 5, November 2010)

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